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Milf Raylene aka Alexis Fontaine in Mom’s Cuckold

Milf Raylene aka Alexis Fontaine in Mom’s Cuckold. While Reading a book Sexy Milf Raylene gets disturbed by her zero of a husband. He then convinces her to make lunch for him and his boss so he will get a raise. But Raylene has other ways of getting him that raise. Indias husband has no clue about ANYTHING and is completely useless; good thing Jon Jon is there. Once Jon Jon is done fixing the sink, India figures that she can get her pipes cleaned as well. Nikki decides to be a House Mom for an exchange student. When confronted by her ziltch of a husband she decides that its a good time to show him how a real man treats a lady. Nat heads next door in a furious rage because Austins dog wont shut up. Nat is then confronted by Austins pussy for a husband. So Nat decides to show him how a real man should act. Click here to see Milf Raylene in Mom’s Cuckold

One of the prettiest women in late 90s hardcore, Raylene (aka: Alexis Fontaine) wasted no time in establishing herself as a sexual force to be reckoned with. A super-sexy redhead in her early days and now a brunette, Raylene sported one of the hottest bodies in the business, a full-breasted vision of pure sexual allure. Her well-honed figure is an eye-popping knockout, from her lean and long legs through her delectable backside to her ripe, bouncy boobs. And she’s got one of the most strikingly gorgeous faces in the biz, too, with deep, dark eyes and a wide mouth that breaks into a killer smile. This California native started down the road to XXX superstardom in 1997, after a chance meeting that led her to a party hosted by Shane of Shane’s World and early Seymore Butts films. Shane and hot Milf Raylene hit it off, and soon Raylene was appearing in Shane’s movies, as well as a string of Pro-Am titles. Her amazing body and stunning face caught the attention of fans and producers alike, and soon Raylene made her professional debut in Shameless Desire. Raylene retired from porn in 2001 to become a real estate agent, and retired from dancing in 2004. The industry missed her, as proven when the AVN Hall of Fame inducted her in 2008. She returned with a vengeance in 2009 with Raylene’s Dirty Work from Vivid Entertainment, which was soon followed by even more comeback roles. New Sensations cast her as sex-starved Dorothy in The Golden Girls: A XXX MILF Parody. Raylene has also been back to her old tricks with seriously arousing lesbian scenes, including a memorable scene as a hard-assed wilderness survival instructor with a soft spot for one of the campers in Girl Candy Films’ Lesbian Slumber Party 2.Enjoy Milf Raylene